Efi Removal

The case study is conducted for Efi Removal located at 88 Oxford Street, Randburg, Gauteng. Efi Removal is a South Africa Removal Company. It’s a removal Company dedicated to providing professional and reliable local & nationwide furniture removals.

Efi Removal needed an attractive, responsive website to be able to compete on the search engine with high web traffic that would convert leads into sales. Efi Remova had the overall goal that all for-profit companies have and that is to make profits.


The challenge here was not only having a well-coded website that will display very well across all devices, to optimize a new website and get it ranked on the first page of google search result is the biggest challenge.

Domain Age which constitutes the value for domain authority and effectively affects how google rate your website to be consider the 1st-page elements. It takes from 3 months to 6 months to see the Result of SEO activities.


Starting with a new site, we understood there were limitations. At the beginning, we focused on opportunities with low competition and decent traffic value. We used SEMrush to determine traffic value and manual research to gauge competition.

we looked for results with:

  • bad exact-match domains.
  • a lack of big name brands.
  • low-quality or outdated content.
  • pages with low link counts.


After 5 months of SEO activities with our result driven strategies, copy and printer is raking on the 1st page of Google search query for more than 10 high converting keywords. and ranking on page 2 – 6 for more than 20 more relevant keywords.

According to HubSpot, 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a search query. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important.

What We Did For Efi Removal

Note: We had control over every aspect of the site, making it much easier to accurately do on-page and off-page optimization and attribute organic gains to the SEO work we were implementing, as well as to make SEO recommendations every step of the way. We have also anonymized the data to maintain confidentiality for the website.

Keyword Research

We understood the nature of business of Efi Removal and did a complete competitors analysis to come up with proper key words to help the website rank on search engines whenever keywords are typed. Keywords and phrases we used to optimize the content on Efi Removal Website content made it possible for people to find the site via search engines.

Website Analysis

We did a proper web analysis for Efi Removal as a lot of issues were detected hindering their SEO results. A complete web analysis on Speed, SEO audit, website speed, competitor analysis and website traffic. We understood their users, and customers and gave them what they came to their website and made them come back for more.

Competitor Analysis

We didnt forget to use another concept to get our work done which is competitors analysis. This is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.We took it to our advantage after looking at the cons of Efi Removal competitors on search engines. This greatly improved their web ranking on search engine

Backlink Building

Link building plays an important role in driving organic traffic via search engines, especially in competitive industries like Removal Companies. Previously Efi Removal lacked backlinks from authority news sites and blogs. We made sure that such kind of backlinks are built so that Efi Removal website can rank on the first page of Google.