Horstein Construction

The case study is conducted for Horstein Construction lUnit 5A Palm Springs, 100 Johannesburg Road, Lyndhurst 2192 Johannesburg, South Africa. Horstein Construction is a project company which is focused on delivering general building and civil engineering contracting, management contracting, construction management and project management services in the built environment.

Horstein Construction needed an attractive, responsive website to be able to compete on the search engine with high web traffic that would convert leads into sales. Horstein Construction had the overall goal that all for-profit companies have and that is to make profits.


Horstein Construction Website had Low Text to HTML Ratio before we took over. This occurs when there’s more backend code on a site then text that people can read, and can cause sites to load slowly. Often caused by a poorly coded site, it can be solved by removing unneeded code or adding more on-page text.


We validated the HTML code. We used online tools to do this- it will took about one minute of our time.  We further checked the Horstein Construction website loading speed. The site was loading too slowly, a sign that it needed its code to be reviewed and removed which it was unnecessary elements.


After 4 Months, our client started seeing steady improvement in your website traffic figures. This means that more people started finding Horstein Construction online and making their way to the website. This is a good indication that the SEO done on their website was doing a good job, as traffic increased and visibility.

Horstein Construction

What We Did For Horstein Construction

Note: We had control over every aspect of the site, making it much easier to accurately do on-page and off-page optimization and attribute organic gains to the SEO work we were implementing, as well as to make SEO recommendations every step of the way. We have also anonymized the data to maintain confidentiality for the website.

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