The case study is conducted for Mineaway Computers, one of the leading computer and electronics online store in South Africa

Mineaway is committed to being the leading Privately-owned IT retail store in South Africa, delivering exceptional client services and superior products at affordable pricing, with leading brands and a strong commitment to its customers gives us a competitive edge in the market.


Mineaway wa holding on to holding onto old school SEO best practices. Google is constantly developing their search algorithm. As a result, SEO is also changing. The strategies that were working well 10 years ago are no longer effective. So if you want to stay on the top of Google SERP, you need to keep yourself updated and use modern SEO techniques.


We improved the mineaway page loading speed. Page loading time is important for a few reasons. First of all, if your load speed is too slow, Google will recognize this, and it will harm your ranking. But a slow website will also impact the way your website visitors engage with your pages. As a result, those negative interactions will hurt your ranking too.


Quality traffic on their website within a period of 4 months, one of the biggest advantages of SEO is that it’s an inbound marketing strategy. Unlike traditional “outbound” advertising channels, which involve reaching out to consumers whether they want to hear from you or not, inbound methods center on making it easy for your audience to find you when they want information.

What We Did For Mineaway

We did a complete SEO assessment. This was done even when the site was fully optimized, they’ll evaluate all of the factors impacting its rankings, as well as where it stands in the results pages for the company’s most important target keywords. We indicated and compiled all the major issues impacting user experience, like page load times, navigation setup, and site structure.We further did their competitors analysis during the site assessment. We  identified other sites targeting similar keywords and the same audience, then evaluate what they’re doing well.

Keyword Research

Our keyword research tool gives you insight into how often certain words are searched and how those searches have changed over time

Website Analysis

Get a complete list of errors that are hindering your site from achieving the top spot on Google. This SEO audit prioritizes each fix based on potential traffic.

Competitor Analysis

This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.

Backlink Building

Also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one way links”) are links from one website to a page on another website